Blog sale!

Having a massive clear out, I can’t remember where half this stuff is from so I apologise if I bought it from you or at a clothes swap! All prices include postage. I… Continue reading

Just chilling.

Today I felt a little empowered with the #youarefab campaign. I felt great today, lipstick was worn, fabulous bitches were championed and my phone did not stop buzzing. This is what I wore… Continue reading

Pre Birthday

I thought I’d share my outfit with you that I wore out for a meal with friends as a pre birthday thang. I got the dress from Boohoo Plus in the sale, £10… Continue reading


So this is the outfit I wore on Christmas Day. I like the idea of wearing all the lovely things (Sunday best etc) but I’m not willing to sit around in spanky pants,… Continue reading

Christmas Eve

I’ve wanted to wear this dress a long long time but whenever I’ve tried it I’ve not been feeling it. I ended up saving it for Christmas Eve, which seemed appropriate with the… Continue reading

Get it all out

One of my very last issues with my body is a bit of a weird one. It’s a life long one. It has been a source of ridicule my entire life. My choice… Continue reading

Primark A/W starters.

First of all, we all know I LOVE Primark. My fortnightly payday ritual is manicure, head shaved, primark, favourite coffee shop. In the order. I’ve bought some really gorgeous items recently so I… Continue reading

One small step

I did a pretty big thing today. I was getting my stuff together for swimming this morning when I realises I didn’t have a one piece swimming costume clean; and I thought ‘oh… Continue reading

Brow brow baby

So, we all know I love my brows, they are my pride and joy, I’m not exaggerating when I say I feel naked without them. I get a lot of comments on my… Continue reading

Being braver

I thought I’d go back to a body confidence post today, it feels like a while since I’ve done one. So this outfit was a huge deal to me, it was the first… Continue reading