Hi, my name’s Mary.

So here it is, the blog i have being dying to write for at least a year, but i wanted to hold off until i finished my degree so i could properly focus on it. I also figured it would be something to look forward to/ward off post-university blues.

I’m always getting compliments on my dress sense and individuality, and i love sharing my tips and tricks with friends, so why not spread it further!

As you will see, i’m ‘plus’ size/fat/curvy/voluptuous whatever you wanna call it, i’m not your typical size 12 lovely. But i love the way i am, why the bloody hell not?! I prove that you can be fashion forward, unique and on-trend (if you want to be) when you’re plus size (and skint), size (&money) has nothing to do with it.

I’m currently around a size 22/24, I’m approx 6 feet tall (yeh, i know.), wear a size 8/9 shoe, 42DD-E bra and i’ve no idea of my weight or any of my measurements, in case you can’t tell, i don’t believe in numbers. Don’t be afraid of numbers! If it fits, wear it! Regardless of what the tag says. Sod the tag.

I hope anyone reading this enjoys it, though i am still a tad nervous, which i never am. Image