Outfit of the Day

So seeing as all i was going to be doing today was creating this blog i wanted something comfy but decent enough to step outdoors in! I’m not normally a comfort whore, but when i am, i’ll be it in this!

I absolutely love this top, i’ve had it an age and its worn to hell but i love it. The slouch cut is so comfy and because of the unusual colours, it always looks cool without being try hard.

The leggings are actually Primark control underwear. ha! But they’re sooo comfy and not restrictive at all. They also give my legs a lush, smooth and slihtly shiny look. Also there’s a ruching thing that goes on at the ankle cos they’re so long, which, for some bizarre reason, i love. I have thousands of pairs of these, but at 4 quid, why the hell wouldn’t i?! They go with everything!

The cardigan is a Mark’s and Spencer’s special, its actually ‘r Lil’s (my beloved best friend/sister) but i have now claimed it cos i love the slouch cut, chunky knit and fit berry colour, it breaks up a black outfit well. As much as i love cardi’s i wouldn’t have paid the £39 that this was. But that’s cos i’m a tight bastard, not cos it isn’t worth it.

Top – ASDA £5

Leggings – Primark £4

Cardi – Mark’s & Spencer’s £39

Scarf – Vintage £0.50

WalkingWorth (exc £10 underwear) = £48.50