I’m not normally bothered about shoes. Mainly because I have size 9 feet so it can be hard to find nice, cheap/affordable shoes. I normally just find whatever I can in the sales (where all the larger and smaller sizes end up) and just buy them, wear them, wear them out in 2 weeks and the cycle begins again. I never buy heels because 1. I cannot walk in them 2. They fecking hurt and 3. I’m 6ft tall anyway, so I look far too tall in heels (you don’t wanna be taller than all the blokes you drink with!) which is a massive pile of crap because heels do make my legs look lovely, and I love my legs anyway!

As stated, I got these in the new look sale, I have the black ones already, and they’re pretty cushti so, just got these for the craic. But now I love them!

Shoes – new look – £6