Because I promised a jewellery post

I love my jewellery, admittedly not as much as I used to. But I still feel as if my jewellery is my signature.

Everyday I wear an utter shittonne of rings. Chunky silver ones. They HAVE to be silver. Because the only few ‘real’ none costume rings I have are silver not gold and these are the ones I wear all the time, I interchange the others around them. These are the ones pictures on my left index finger and my right middle finger. They were both gifts.

The left hand one my ex, my first love, bought me for an anniversary. It’s an antique aboriginal men’s ring. I absolutely adore it, always have, always will. He bought me it because he wanted to buy me a ring but didn’t want me to have a simple, typical, gold band, diamanté piece of shit from Argos. He wanted to get one that reflected me. It’s different, chunky and cool. It cost £75

The right hand one (large, flat, red stone) was a gift from my grandmother for my 21st birthday. This single piece of jewellery is the only red thing I wear. I hate the colour red. But I love this ring because it reminds me of my grandparents generosity and reminds me to be generous. I have no idea how much it cost.

The one on my left little finger is a beautiful cheapo from H&M I love the sheer size of it.

The 3 studs that appear on my ring and middle fingers is actually a double ring that stops at the studs, from topman. I consider topman jewellery a really useful tool for larger women as all the sizes are bigger and some of the ranges are remarkably similar to topshop, you can always get something on trend. If you can’t find it elsewhere, it’ll be in topman.

And the last ring on my right little finger is an old topshop armour style full finger ring, a beautiful example of topshops alternative jewellery range.