My beautiful new boots!

These are my beautiful new boots. I love them for several reasons. But you know when you just find a piece that’s perfect all round? It’s gorgeous, it’s good quality, it’s comfy, it’s versatile. That’s what these boots are. I normally struggle with footwear as I have such big feet, as i’ve said before. And I’ve had even less luck with boots.

These are a perfect fit, not too snug so I can fit a thick pair of socks in and not too tight that they’re constricting and not too big that they slop about. They have a nice, comfy heel height, and a bouncy sole, they’re like walking on air.

The look is also perfect. They’re a little bit military, a little bit Victoriana chic, they have some nice detailing and they’re also really easy to pull on, no need for too much annoying lace-loosening and fiddling to slide your foot in, much due to the elasticated section on the ankle, time saving and comfy!

All in all, a total recommend, I love them. And at £15 a pop, I might buy the brown ones too!

Boots – Primark £15