Top Left – ASOS curve – £25

I love this ASOS top, especially in cream (it’s also available in black) which is weird for me cos I tend to go straight for black, which is not a comfort thing, I’m not afraid of colour/pattern I just think black is sexier. I also seem to have a penchant lately for things that are ‘inappropriate’ for a plus size girl – crop tops etc – and I dunno why! Just a big rebel aren’t I?! Ha.

Top right – ASDA – £10 (may be £8 or £12 – can’t remember)

ASDA have some gorgeous swimwear in! But this strange tie dye type one with gold detailing is deffo my fave! Most of the collection are strapless with a cute bust knot/sweetheart neckline, obvs emphasising gorgeous curviness and giving curves to the curveless, perf for every size & go up to a 24! Would deffo recommend ladies!

Centre – ASOS Curve – £35

is it me or is this dress just perfect?! Perfect summer day dress. That’s all I’m saying!

Booked my holiday today so as you can tell I’m in total holiday mode!

Bottom left – illamasqua – £16 lipstick in ‘sonnet’.

I love illamasqua in general but especially their lipstick, such wonderful shades. This is one my friend Gorms wore the other day and it is actually the first thing I said upon seeing her. ‘Where is that lipstick from?!’ It has a beautiful apricot tinge I haven’t seen anywhere else. Again, holiday mode, perfect with a tan! I’m having it! Haha

And finally,

Bottom right – ‘why your 5 year old really could not have done that – modern art explained’ book.

As a degree educated artist, gallery assistant and general art lover, I HATE it when people say that! I will shove my education down your throat if you ever say ‘I coulda done that’. I think this will be a good read & an expansion of my existing knowledge. (And hopefully it wi develop my argument!) haha

Done 🙂 ❤