Re-work it.

So this is the second in my vintage plus size series!

One way I like to make vintage work for me as a plus size girl, is accessories and maybe making changes to them.

This is a really exciting post for me as I finally get to showcase my new necklace. It’s a statement piece, as it’s really quite large! The pendant is actually dried flowers in a frame that should be hung on the wall. I attached a simple chain and now wear it as a necklace & I love it!




Another way to add some vintage to an outfit is of course a scarf. I often find that the straps on some vintage handbags are too short so I tie a scarf onto said strap & bobs your uncle. I realise this is not a groundbreaking suggestion, it’s just to give people ideas!


My last one is a super simple one, cute trendy little collar studs/chains!



And last but not least here is my face!


Bag – gifted

Scarf – gifted

‘Pendant’- charity shop £3

Chain – from another necklace

Collar chain – eBay – £1.99

Collar studs – River Island – £6