This is my beautiful new wishlist for this week. There seems to be my ‘dream items’ everywhere. And it is distressing as I’m trying to save for a holiday! Waaaah 😥

Top left: So for a while now I’ve been ranting about this whole ‘midi length’ trend malarkey, in short, I don’t like it. I have nice legs, I want them out! I am not a 50 something geography teacher. Sadly, it seems everyone can pull it off but me! None of you look like 50 yr old geography teachers! Which is more upsetting! Haha. So when I found this super short swing dress I fell in love. More so as well because it has long sleeves. I love long sleeves, there’s something lovely about them, especially on such a short dress, it balances out the skin coverage (/lack of). I also love the print of this, it’s got a colourful ethnic vibe that feels very summery & cultural. It’s ASOS Curve £28 which is a little more than I like to pay, but a fair price I think.

Top right: These glorious things are also ASOS. Well, in fact, the whole post is ASOS. (I have an ASOS problem, can you tell?!) I really loved these sunglasses they have such a cool vintage 60’s feel but the silver detailing adds something unusual to them and that detailing in turn is very 50’s & can be seen on many frames of the time. I’m a big fan of silver as you know from my huge collection of silver rings. So these glasses would have no problem fitting in my wardrobe 😉 AND they’re a bargain at £15. I can’t think of a valid reason not to get them, can you?

Bottom left: As you may or may not know I have a penchant for shoes lately. I never used to be this way I used to just buy any shoes that fit & were cheap. But lately, I have deffo cottoned on to the shoe thing! Especially when it comes to flatforms/creepers. I can’t really pinpoint why I love creepers so much. Partly because they’re ‘weird’ (which I love, I love to be weird) and partly because I don’t wear heels because I am the size of an Amazonian/jack’s friend who lived up the beanstalk. And I can’t walk in heels anyway. So creepers/flatforms are perfect for me. These green ones are the first flatforms I got my eye on sometime last year but never bought. Now however, they’re I’m ASOS’s fantastic new 50% sale!! They’re the perfect colour for spring/summer @ they’re only £18. Yay!

Bottom right: Again, another pair of flatforms. I first saw these when ASOS posted them on their Instagram, and as I am obsessed with flowers, I instantly fell in love. Particularly because the print is digital. Any other floral print I’m a bit iffy on because its too ‘girly’ a lot f the time. But when it’s a digital print, they’re so like real flowers I love it! These are not only more than I would normally pay for shoes they are also a lot higher than I would normally wear, which puts me off. If they were half an inch smaller I’d have probably got them!

Centre: HAVE YOU SEEEEEN THIS BEAUTIFUL THING?! Oh dear lord almighty. I’m in love. I love it. It so ‘me’ it’s untrue. I love the pattern & how the cut is a little bit 80’s, the length of the sleeves, the shoulders, neckline? No? It deffo has a vintage feel which only makes me love it more. It would be so gorgeous for the summer. But, unfortunately, it upsets me to say, it’s just too much for me, as much as I love it, I wouldn’t pay £60 for it. £45 is limit limit really, if I have one. £50 at a push but £60 is too far. And it upsets me so much! I shall continue gawping!!

What’s on your wishlist?