Crop Tops & Maxi Skirts



As promised, my crop top & maxi skirt post, I love this outfit style, which I’ve seen on sooo many gorgeous girls. I have two cropped tops now! Woop! I have this baggy style one from Primark and a tighter one from Select.

I think the thing I love the most about this outfit is that it highlights one of my favourite features, my waist & it actually makes me look like I have hips because it skims over my belly!

I don’t know why I thought cropped tops were a radical move? Why is it such a big deal? Fat girl in a cropped top? OHMYGOD! I can honestly tell you I felt fabulous in this and, though I don’t rely on the approval of others to make myself feel good, I got heaps of compliments and a couple of cheeky stares from some adoring men, which is welcome as far as I’m concerned.

Whatever your size, you can make cropped tops work for you! Be brave! Be beautiful! And get a crop top bought! They’re only cheap anyway!!

I’m deffo going to be buying one of the long sleeved ones I’ve seen and I cannot wait!! I’m gunna do a wishlist post soon and it shall be on it!

Also, thanks to whoever this skirt belonged to previously! I acquired it a the fatswap in Leeds. As well as many other glorious things!

Bye for now!

Top – Primark – £3

Skirt – Fatswap- Originally Primark

Necklace – Turkey

Loafers – New Look – £12