Gorgeous Gormz’ Birthday

This is the outfit I wore for Gormz birthday in York. I wanted something, special, but not overdone, something simple and chic that I wouldn’t have layer under any cardigans or jackets if it got too cold, something that would stifle me though if it got a little warm.

My favourite long sleeved, structured, houndstooth print, peplum top seemed perfect. It’s the same top I wore to my graduation. For months before graduation I just wanted graduation to hurry up so I could wear this top. I haven’t worn it since graduation. There just hasn’t been a time for it. So I was thrilled when I realised it was perfect for Gormz’ birthday.

I wore it with my trusty shape wear leggings from Primark. I don’t wear them as shapewear I wear them as an alternative to regular legging as they never lose they’re shape, are incredible comfy as well as shaping an lumps & bumps (which I’m not personally bothered about bit if you are, these are great). They also last a lot longer than regular cotton leggings because they don’t wear through. All fat girls have the thigh chaffing issue that will eventually prematurely end the life of your leggings by creating holes. That doesn’t happen with these, and they’re £4 for a pack of 2. WIN WIN WIN WIN.

I love the way this top sits on me because it gives me a more feminine shape than the boyish, hipless one I have come to love nonetheless. The peplum gives me a curve, it gives the illusion of hips. This top is also quite obviously a statement piece. You don’t blend in in this top! Which I love!! I got it from ASOS last year at £38 and occasionally you can still get it on eBay so keep a look out if you like it.

The shoes I wore were what I slung on that morning on my way to work. They don’t really go with the outfit but they are great shoes. They were £8 from Asda.

The necklace is a Primark special that I know a few people have, you buy it in gold and silver it’s £4 and still in store.

We had a great day drinking Starbucks, eating sushi & shopping. She loved the present I bought her (mainly from Claire’s) and her vintage postcard birthday card 🙂









Top – Asos

Necklace – Primark

Leggings – Primark

Shoes- George at ASDA