So What Did You Plan To Do With Your Degree?

Welcome to day day 3 of the 30 day Blogger Challenge – Things that make me uncomfortable.

Now this day flummoxed me a little as I rarely feel uncomfortable or embarrassed because I don’t care what people think. But this is what I came up with.

Tights. Spanx. Tension. Northern rail. Suspense. Dogs. Children. Perverts. Invasion of personal space. Aeroplanes. Big scary rides. Bridges. Personal questions about goals/ambitions.

Lets talk about that last one actually. In particular, this variation, ‘so, what did you plan to do with your degree?’. I dread this question. It’s like you are assuming I am currently ‘not doing anything’ with my degree and therefore I won’t ever, because I am a failure due to my incapability to get a job related to the degree I studied. Right.

Just because i have a job unrelated to to my degree doesn’t automatically mean i don’t use it. Does it matter that I don’t get paid to do anything related with my degree? I don’t think so. I do plenty of unpaid work related to my degree and I couldn’t care less, as far as I’m concerned I’m doing something I love and care about, whether I get paid to do that is irrelevant. And furthermore, I can never ‘not use my degree, I use it every day of my life. And if I never get a job related to my wonderful Contemporary Fine Art BA (HONS) it will never be wasted.

Do you experience this problem?

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