Something you may not know…


Day two- Educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at.

So this one flummoxed me a bit, as I am one of those people that knows a lot of random crap. So I couldn’t decided which way to go about it. I could tell you everything I know about art, but that could take forever, because it’s my most knowledgeable subject. I could tell you secrets from behind the doors of Subway, but that’s boring. So I broke it down a little more. ‘Educate’. And I thought of one of my other loves. Food. And cooking. So today I will educate you some of my favourite recipes!

Easy Peasy Lemon Cheesecake


My famous cheesecake. Made for every occasion I ever host. And I don’t care, it’s gorgeous and so easy! Bake free, fuss free!

175g crushed digestive biscuits
75g butter
225g cream cheese
175g condensed milk (1 squeezy tube)
Juice of 2 lemons
150ml Double cream stiffly whipped.

Bash the hell out of the biscuits.
Melt butter.
Mix the melted butter & crushed biscuits then press into a greased tin & refrigerate.
Whip the cream stiffly, then whip with the other ingredients.
Now pile the mixture on top of the chilled base & chill again for 2-3 hours.
Then serve.
You can elaborate on this recipe by using a layer of lemon curd on top of the cheesecake base or grate lemon zest on the top of the cheesecake or swap digestives for ginger nuts! Be creative 🙂

Coconut Macaroons


165g Dessicated Coconut
100g caster sugar
1-2 egg whites

Mix together the coconut and sugar together, then add the egg white (1 by one) and mix together, if the mix isn’t coming together, add the other egg white.
Separate and shape the mixture into golf ball sized ‘mounds’. I pop a cherry on top of mine, or you could make a small well in the top and put jam on each, its up to you.
Place onto a well greased baking tray (or a silicone mat is best) & bake in an oven at 180 until golden 10-12 minutes.
Sometimes I like to drizzle chocolate on top of each macaroon, it gives them a little professional finish 🙂
You can jazz this recipe up in so many ways, they’re a great party pleaser in a hurry!

Fat free Hummous


1 400g can chickpeas
1 clove garlic (chopped)
Juice of a lemon
2 tbsp fat free natural yoghurt
Salt & pepper

Shove all in a bowl & blitz to buggery (or your preferred consistency) and serve with vegetables/entire bag of crisps etc.
This recipe can also be jazzed up however you want, with chilli, paprika, basil, nutmeg, balsamic vinegar be creative!!

The Best Cous Cous Ever


As much couscous as you like (remember it makes a lot more than you think though)
Smoked Paprika
Dessicated coconut (2 tsp per serving)
Sultanas (2 tsp per serving)
Olive (8 per serving – I love olives)
Feta (40g per serving)
Chorizo (4 slices per serving)
Caramelised red onions (1/4 onion per serving)
Balsamic vinegar
Put your couscous & sultanas in a bowl & just cover with boiling water, then cover with a towl & leave aside.
Caramelise your onions on a pan with a little sugar & the chorizo, add the herbs and spices
When the couscous is fluffy, tip in pan with chorizo, onions & herbs, add the coconut and mix thoroughly.
Tip into a dish & crumble feta on top with the olives and drizzle the balsamic vinegar. Enjoy.

This can be made vegetarian by simply leaving out the chorizo & adding some spinach and/or courgette.

I hope you feel educated and inspired by my easy recipes! Let me know what you think and if you make any yourself!

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