It’s Not The Hand You’re Dealt, It’s the Way You Play the Cards

Welcome to day four of the 30 Day Blogger Challenge featuring 15 girls attempting to do a blog post every day following set themes.
Day 4- A quote you love and why.

It was really hard to pick just one quote that I love because I have so many that I genuinely think of day to day but there was one that stood out, the one I have tattooed on the back of my neck.


It’s not the hand you’re dealt, it’s the way you play the cards’

There are several reasons why I love this quote. It resonates with everything my mum and dad ever told me, life might be shit at times, life might get hard and seem easier for other people but if you work hard and are a good person you will succeed.

It also happened to be a line from a comedy drama I watched with my dad, called Sunshine. Written by Craig Cash and Phil Mealy (two of my favourite writers) it tells the tale of a gambling addict and how it affects his life with his family. It’s a beautiful story, I would recommend it to anyone, I was watching ‘Sunshine’ when I first heard these words. They stuck with me ever since.

When my whole world fell around me when i went through a horrible break up with my long term, first love, live in boyfriend, these words kept me going, my horrible situation made me realise i can’t rely on anyone but me. i had to do this on my own, i had to rebuild myself. In a way it was liberating. I felt like a blank canvas, a fresh start, I’d been given a second chance, I felt like i could be whoever I wanted to be, because i had nobody to impress, nobody to live for but me! When i realised that, actually, being single did not mean ‘being alone’, when i realised to be truly happy, you have to be truly happy with yourself, i felt i’d found the purpose of life. And i couldn’t believe all this had come from what was the most awful, challenging, heartbreaking, soul crushing time of my life, proving, ‘it’s not the hand you’re dealt, it’s the way you play the cards.’

I’m always getting asked about the tattoo and where I got it from, so now you know.

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