Are you Afraid of the Dark


Day7 – The thing I fear most.

Yesterday was the first day I’d missed a post. But I was so busy, the only chance I had to write was around 9.30pm, at my boyfriends. And I thought, ‘nah, do you know what? I’m going to put my phone down and actually sit and properly spend some time with my boyfriend.’ And we had such a lovely night. So I’m happy I missed yesterday’s blog post.

I have lots of little fears, some old, some new, some that don’t bother me so much any more, so that still scare me rigid. But I think my biggest fear that has stayed with me my entire life is my feat of the dark. So cliche. But true, I hate the dark, logically, I know it’s ridiculous, as I know I’m not scared of the dark, I’m scared of what may happen to me in the dark. I can’t even walk up my own drive alone in the dark. I shudder with fear, I have to run. I’m much better with my fear than I use to be. For example, I can sleep in a dark room if I’m very tired or with someone else. Whereas before I had to have the light on.

I can feel this post starting to get boring, I could have gone more in depth, saying ‘I fear I will never be happy’. Or successful. But that seemed a little too heavy. Clearly I have a fear of my blog posts being too heavy or personal or philosophical! Haha hopefully this is something I will overcome during this challenge!

I wonder what the other girls fear?