Life is too short for self loathing.


Day 8 – A piece of advice I have for others.

I have so much advice to give. I am everyone’s agony aunt.

But I guess a golden one that is still quoted back to me today is ‘life is too short for self loathing’. I remember the moment I thought of this, the moment that I thought, ‘am I really going to spend my whole life hating my boobs? And my eyelashes? And my arseless-ness?’ It seemed like SO much wasted effort. What’s the point?! I was never gunna afford a boob job, and tbh, I’m not really THAT arsed. Am I gunna spend the rest of my life applying false eyelashes every morning cos mine just don’t cut it? Hell no! When really, what is the point, no seriously, think about it, what is the point there? What is the goal? So people don’t look at me and go ‘wow look how short her eyelashes are, poor woman.’? Is that it? I have no idea but that’s all I could come up with. What a loads of BOLLOCKS! Really! I suddenly realised, what is the point wasting my life worrying about this shit that is never gunna change and doesn’t really make a difference to my life anyway! What a waste of time and effort! Yer I have uneven, saggy boobs for my age & I have short, stubby eyelashes and I have the flattest arse you have ever seen. And what?! I have much better things to do with my time! So that day I chose to (wo)man up, get over it, and get on with it. Because life is too short for self loathing. Literally. No good will ever come of it. Love the body, mind and soul you have! That was created purely for you! The one that was grown, nurtured & protected by the people who raised you!

Why do we continue to beat ourselves down like this, as if this makes you a horrible person. it sickens me that many females of all ages subconsciously think that fat is the worst thing you can be. Well I’m here to tell you it ain’t. I’d rather be fat than an arsehole. I’d rather be fat than rude, ignorant, bitchy, arrogant, cruel, disrespectful or prejudice. There are worse things to be in the world than fat, which is easy to forget when we subconsciously learn more from the media than any other source.

Why focus on the negatives? Why would you do that?! I may have huge, manky feet but I also have high, prominent cheekbones and arched eyebrows. I may have no hips, but I have beautiful freckles and unblemished skin. I might have stretch marks, but my immune system never fails me. I might have big, masculine hands, but I also have svelte, shapely legs. I love my body. And my positive mind. I love everything I am. And so should you.