Plus North

So I guess it’s about time I blogged about the best event all year, Plus North. For all the time, effort, planning and stress the organisers went through, I sincerely hope they think it was worth it. It was a fantastic event. I haven’t heard a bad word said about it. Apart from £9 vodka & cokes like but you move on and go to tesco for cheap wine, everything’s fiiiine!

There was loads of stalls, loads of fantastic brands like Simply Be, SLiNK, Excite. There was a huge range of stuff and some great deals on.

One of my favourite things about Plus North was the idea to get ‘normal’ women modelling. Not only does it help the customer to see the clothes on a variety of different sized women, it created a great community atmosphere and helped showcase confident women, showing the not so confident that you can be fat and sexy, that you can be fat and confident, that you can be fat and love yourself and even love yourself for being fat, going one step beyond ‘acceptance’ which is so so difficult. As a model for the show i felt completely honoured to show this to the other women and men who attended. It was also a huge honour to model with two incredible plus size icons Nina Blakemore and Olivia Campbell, it was such a fantastic opportunity for me and I fulfilled a life ambition that day, I will be forever grateful for it. I met tonnes of women that day, some I knew from social networks, some I didn’t so it was great to put faces to names and all be under one roof! The atmosphere was absolutely fantastic the whole weekend was a little fatty takeover and it felt amazing!

Here is what I wore to the night do.


This was a bit of a last minute panic bargain buy outfit.

I was tweeting away one day and everyone was blabbing about their outfits for the Plus North night do and I was like SHIT! Is this a big woop?! Am I meant to have summet special?! Shit. A week to go, working solidly, no money, just moved out. Can’t afford 40 quid dresses! So I formulated a plan- run to local shopping centre, hit all the cheap shops (h&m, Primark, Select, Internacionale) and find an outfit for £15-20. It was slim pickings. Couldn’t see any nice ‘going out’ outfits. Saw some beautiful autumn stuff! But no sparkly shit. Eventually I ended up with this crop top from Select, a bargain at £6 and this pleather skirt from Primark that I’ve pulled up to show off my legs and cover my stomach in my crop, this was also a bargain at £8. Bringing my outfit to £14! Originally I wanted to be daring and wear it bare legged, but on the day I’d been walking around a lot and there was some definite thigh chaffage occurring so I opted for tights, which felt like a cop out and first but I later realised that I didn’t look really covered up like I thought I would. It looked really great. Though I did displease Chloe at not having my flab out in my crop top.

One if the most beautiful moments for me was seeing my best friends Lyndsey walk down that catwalk. Gorms has been somewhat of a ‘project’ for me, when I met her she was post ED, nervous and self conscious. I feel like I inadvertently took her under my wing, brought her into my world, where life is too short for self loathing and where there are better things to bother about than arm flab. It’s been a long journey, but seeing her transform before my very eyes and walk down a catwalk being as gorgeous as she’s always been, facing her fear & beating her demons once and for all was really, really incredible. I cried when she walked. And Gormz, if you’re reading this, which, as my number 1 fan (I am practically a deity to her, she has a shrine, I’m sure) I know you are, I am so so proud of you.

This is the moment you came off the catwalk.


All in all it was a fantastic weekend with some fantastic people. Ou and I won a £150 Evans voucher! Bonus!

Here’s some photos from the weekend, fellow fatties, feel free to steal these.