On Sunday I had a fabulous day after work, catching up with my bestie, drinking starbs & beautiful cocktails & eating yummy sushi.

I wore my new jumper from Evans that I got with my £150 voucher that I won at Plus North. I sized up in the jumper because I wanted a slouchy look.

This is the first time in a long time I’ve worn all new season stuff, so a post was definitely in order. I wish I had more time to wear beautiful clothes, but because of work I just don’t.

I love this jumper, it makes me think of checked print, but as if it’s zoomed in. I’ve never seen anything like it before but I thin it’s really effective. It also nails the monochrome trend, which I’m normally not a huge fan of myself.

My shoes are current season New Look. I was absolutely thrilled when I found these. Size 9, wide fit. (Practically unheard of!) and they were a steal at £22. They fit and walk perfectly, required zero breaking in. I love the tacky 80’s office vibe too.

The leggings are also Evans, that I got with my voucher. They are normally £12 and I can hand on heart say try are the best leggings I have ever owned! As a very tall woman (6 foot) it’s so hard to find leggings that are long enough on the leg and high enough on the torso area without getting a frontal wedgie! I like a high legging, I’ve got a lot of belly to control! These come right up over my waist and right down so they do the beautiful ruching thing around my ankles. Very VERY happy with these. I will be definitely purchasing more.

My necklace is currently in the New Look sale. It was £3. I love this necklace as it nails a couple of trends. Spikes and neon. I love the neon trend, especially with dark colours. I also love the idea of wearing neon and pastel colours through to winter. Particularly pastels. ASOS magazine mentioned writer pastels and I loved the idea. Obviously pastels are normally reserved for spring but I think the idea of pastel nails, scarves and coats for winter is delish! I am particularly loving all the vintage inspired pink coats popping up!

My bag is vintage so that doesn’t count I just thought it went well with this outfit!

What are you loving this winter?

And as always, here’s my face.