Body Confidence Week – Day 1

So on New Year’s Day 2014 a wonderful old friend of mine contacted me with details of a quest. A quest of confidence. And she needed my help.

In all honesty, I have been confident since around the age of 12. I was always teased for being the fat girl. But then one day I thought to myself ‘why do I care? Why do I care what these people think of me? These people are meaningless to me. And surely as long as I am happy with myself, I am the only one that matters. How dare they have an opinion on who I am, nevermind share said opinion.’ In that moment 12 yr old me decided she didn’t give a shit. She was still self conscious, but by 14 she’d have earned everyone’s respect. By 16 she’d be revered as the cool girl at school. By 18 she was dating one of the most popular guys at school. By 20 she didn’t care about her fat arms, or her small, uneven boobs. And by 21 she was in bikinis every holiday. Now 24, that girl just bought her first bodycon dress, displaying full belly outline and everything. She has never given less of a shit. And is now revered by friends of all shapes, sizes and sexes for being completely confident in everything she does. If I could bottle my attitude i’d give it away for free. Just ask yourself, ‘why do you care?’.

The first challenge is to take a photo exactly as you are. It’s so easy to take photos from certain angles, pulling certain expressions in order to render a ‘better’ version of yourself. We then may add filters and touch ups, it’s very hard to take a photo just as you are. But here it is.


I took this photo at work, hence the uniform, and tried to take it quickly without manipulating the angle or my expression or the lighting etc. You may think ‘yeh whatever full face of make up at work’ but this is literally how I like to look most of the time and regardless of this, it IS how I look today, just as I am, as I am writing this. It’s not a particularly great photo. But it’s me, just as I am.