Body confidence week – day 5

So the challenge for day 5 is post a picture of yourself in ‘casual wear’ I really didn’t know what this meant. I suppose it means whatever you interpret it to mean.

When I think of casual wear I think of something I just throw on, normally at 5 am on my way to work. Which will normally consist of leggings, top, cardi, coat, shoes. Done. No accessories. No time for that bollocks at 5am. So that tends to be my go to look most of the time and what I suppose I would call my style. And yes, I am one of those people that wears leggings as pants so I have my bum out, judge as you may! As we’ve discussed before, bovvered? Er no.

Here are three typical examples of me throwing shit on at dawn and calling it an outfit.




A lot of people seemed to interpret this brief as clothes they’d wear around the house like sweat pants and onesies and shit so here for your delight is me in one of my onesies (That I spend an extortionate amount of time in).



Fit as hell. Ha

I suppose A lot of people wouldn’t like to show everyone what they look like when they’re chillin at home with only the Gilmore Girls for company but yerrrr I don’t really care, I’ve looked better, I’ve looked worse. Whatevs! 🙂