I actually love you.

So I’ve been meaning to share this with you guys for a while. Despite Body Confidence Week only happening 2 weeks ago, this last week I have felt less confident than I have in a very long time. I haven’t been taking care of myself as well as I normally do, I haven’t been eating well, or exercising, I’ve been overindulging and I didn’t like the effect it had. It left me feeling sluggish and lazy and heavy and generally horrible. I didn’t feel attractive.

I got undressed one day and realised I was going to have to walk past the mirror; I thought to myself ‘oh I’m not going to like this. I bet I look awful’. When I got to the mirror I was shocked by my own reflection. My beautiful, full, sexy, jiggly body that I love so much was still there. I loved what I saw still and I thought to myself ‘ha how could I ever hate you?!’ It’s a lovely moment when you’re shocked by your own gorgeousness and the belief you are gorgeous.

I promise to love my body even when I don’t take as much care as I should with it. It was still there, doing me proud.