It still amazes me.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned on one social media network or another how much I love swimming.

Swimming is something I taught myself to do. Having been to countless swimming lessons with professionals and family members I finally taught myself to swim around age 12. I remember a huge wave of pride going through me when I finally propelled myself through water. I still get a small sense of pride to this day.

I can’t remember how I came to fall in love with swimming or when but I feel totally myself in the water. Through love and practice I have naturally become a strong swimmer but I am still always amazed by my abilities.

The fact my body can propel it’s 18 stone mass through water at speed for over an hour absolutely astounds me. It makes me incredibly proud of my body. The same body that I know others may shame with all it’s jiggly bits on show in my costume. But guess what? BOVVERED! This body can powerfully drag itself through water faster and for longer than yours, which is half the size. Thanks body. I give you a mental high five every time we get out of the pool. You are amazing. Please never stop amazing me.