So here we are again, 6 months on from body confidence week. How interesting it will be to see how people have changed in 6 months! Because confidence does falter, day to day, never mind month to month. I know I sometimes say I have a bad face day!

Also, this time, it’s a different season. I think it’s definitely fair to say confidence in some people can change season to season. In summer we’re more likely to bare all, which, dependant on person, can put us into a total fatarms/palelegs/wobblybelly/manshoulders/mankyfeet frenzy! Because body issues do not end at weight as we may think. I personally have massive issues with my feet, to the point if someone is coming round my house, I cover them up. And my mother is constantly telling me I need some fake tan! I mean I love a tan as much as the next person but do I NEED it in order to wear a skirt? Er, NO.

Personally though, I love summer, I love the heat and the sunshine and the clothes and the sunglasses I LOVE IT! And in terms of baring skin, the more the better in my eyes! I honestly believe skin itself is so sexy. Bare skin? Can’t beat it! Historically it’s known for its sexual connotations, ankle hiding & shoulder covering still common in some cultures. Also, my skin is one of my favourite things about me, which sounds a bit odd granted but I love it, I’m very freckly, my skin itself is very pink, blotchy and covered in scars because I’m fair and sensitive, but every inch of me from my eyelids to my ankles are covered in beautiful dark brown freckles. So to get them out in summer (and increase their quantity!) is a real joy. Of course I protect myself, I’m no fool, it’s factor 50 all the way over here baby!

I wonder how many others think their confidence changes through seasons? Do you own a bikini? Do you feel self conscious with your thighs out? I used to be quite self conscious about my thighs jiggling, but I’ve come so far in fat acceptance that I actually love my big, juicy, jiggling thighs! SANS GAP!

So is it completely different to be body confident in summer to winter?

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I will be posting my response to this brief later on today!

Happy days! Be confident! ❤️

Mary xx