So here is the first challenge!

a photo of you as you are

I think this is a really interesting one. Because it’s very hard to take a photo ‘as you are’ without altering your expression, camera angle, lighting etc. But also, what does ‘as you are’ mean? Does it mean ‘don’t do anything especially for the picture?’ Like putting on make up etc? Whenever we take selfies we will take about 10, won’t we? Don’t lie, you know you do! Then retake and retake til you have the desired affect. I’m not saying every time, but most of the time you will. Then you’ll edit it and filter the shit out of it! But do we really look that bad simply ‘as we are’?

I took mine on the way out of my house, I literally lifted my phone to my face and snapped before I had chance to do anything! Then took the full body one, as I was in the doorway, hence the sunglasses indoors, like an absolute nob! (Which are from River Island by the way)



This is a genuine example of how I look every day. My hair isn’t done (yes it is that straight naturally), leggings and a shirt to walk to work in. Nothing overly considered.

To my surprise I love the full length photo. I half expected to think ‘oh god is my belly that big etc) but I didn’t! Not one bit! I was really pleasantly surprised! So the challenge worked in that it gave me some extra confidence before I went out the door this morning! Winner winner!

Be brave, stay beautiful! ❤️😘

Mary x