So here we go! Day two of body confidence week!


A photo you love of yourself

I love this brief and everything it forces you to do, looking through your favourite photos of yourself thinking of the different reasons you love each and every one of them and picking a favourite.

There’s a million different reasons you may love a photo of yourself. It may be that you look beautiful. It may be that you look happy, it may remind you of a proud moment, it may remind you of a hard time, and how far you’ve come, it doesn’t have to be superficial. In terms of body confidence i have endless amounts of photos of me progressing and changing through fat acceptance and embracing my beautiful body, not being bothered that you can see me fat rolls or my multiple chins! Because they do not define me, I am so much more than that, and anyone whose opinion I value, sees that, sees what I see, a beautiful, confident, wonderful, care free, happy woman.

I chose my most recent favourite photo. The photo in which I look impossible happy and gorgeous. I took this on Saturday night. I’d been our for drinks and i’d curled my hair, but really curled it, way more than normal. It was a nice shake up to my regular hair routine.

There’s nothing really special I can say about this photo, I just love it. I think it reflects me as a person entirely, I hope the people who know me best agree. In light of body confidence I’ll include the unedited version too.

Here it is.