A photo you used to be self conscious about but now embrace


This one was a hard one cause I don’t have many old photos available and I’ve been confident so long that there aren’t many photos I’m self conscious about, or self conscious enough to not put on social media anyway! Which I doubt many people could say!

This is a photo of me on holiday a few years ago (so cliche I know!). Although I did post this on social media, I did think to myself ‘urgh do I really want to post this, you can see my belly, is that gross? I look really fat. But I am fat. And people are aware of this.’ It’s the whole ‘flattering’ argument- wearing ‘flattering’ clothes means wearing something that makes you look nice regardless of your fat, or in spite of it. It’s covers your fat or diverts the eye from it. Taking a flattering photo when you’re fat means taking a photo in which you don’t look fatter or as fat as you know you actually are. So a photo that you maybe self conscious about would be a photo that makes you look fatter or as fat as you are. Because you look bad enough as you are never mind if you looker EVEN fatter right?! That would be the end of the world right?! Except the people whose opinion you value would no doubt be aware of how you look and a photo is incredibly unlikely to change their opinion. So yet again I ask, ‘why do you care?’. This was my thought process behind posting this photo originally. And the thought process behind posting it for this challenge is that now, I wouldn’t think twice about uploading it or ‘de-tagging’ myself. Because I am more than that fat roll. It is not disgusting. The people who love me, including myself, love me for EVERYTHING I AM, including my fat, not in spite of it, and I am so much more than a fat roll, I am so much more than cellulite, so I do not care if my love handles look bigger than they are.