Beyond Body Confidence.

Beyond body confidence week we have to embrace it as a way of life. And as a fat woman the superficial is only part of the battle. I’m talking about the physical body confidence battle. In terms of health and fitness I think it’s very hard sometimes to have confidence in your athletic performance. Exercising in public can be a daunting prospect for fat men and women, for fear of judgement, ridicule and general failure. The idea of getting sweaty and having your flab fly all over the place on a xtrainer while (you think) everyone watches in disgust is not the most appealing prospect, let alone when all this happens 5 seconds after getting in there, ya know, because you’re so huge and gross and therefore terribly unfit? We know this isn’t true. So why tell yourself this? No one looks good at the gym!

It is absolute codswallop that fat=unfit. Absolute bollocks. I’ve always been relatively fit. Even at school i never came last in a race. But as a teenager this confused me, ‘but I’m fat, I shouldn’t be able to do this.’ It was my podgy French teacher who first said to the class ‘you can be fat and fit’. Thank god he did. It affirmed a truth I already knew!

Whether you’re in a swimming pool, spinning class, Zumba or the gym you have every right to be there, like everyone else. If you’re paranoid people are judging you, they’re probably not. But EVEN if they were, let them. Remember, If someone is naive, superficial and fickle enough to judge someone completely on weight/body shape alone, that is THEIR problem, do not make it yours. Be happy that YOU KNOW you are more than that. That your body does not inspire such hatred in yourself that you reflect it on other people.

If you wanna go to the gym. Go to the gym. Have confidence in yourself, your body, fitness and confidence in your confidence! Hold your head up high, haterz gonna hate. Poor them.

Oh and here’s me post swim all flabby, hairy & red in the face!

40 lengths in 35mins. Not bad for. Fat bird ey?! Ha


Be brave, stay beautiful