Über boom.

It’s been a long while since I’ve done a proper outfit post, but to be honest I so very rarely feel like I get a chance to dress up and actually look nice because I work so often. It’s rare I get chance to wear all the beautiful clothes I own. So when I went on holiday to Berlin last week I took every chance I got, packed all my favourite outfits and took some nice photos, it felt really nice!

One of my favourite outfits of the week was this one, you know when you put something on and it just clicks? I was so suited!


I never ever wear this cute crop my mum bought me, she bought it as a little joke because it says boom and I say boom and other ridiculous words like that all the time. I’ve never found anything to wear with it before and because I got it in the winter it’s just sat in my jama drawer! So I utilised the opportunity and weather to wear it!

I wore it with my new pencil skirt from Primark, it was a bargain at £8 I found it in the formal section, it’s current season so if you like it get yourself down! When I went in I just wanted a standard black jersey pencil skirt, this was the closest they had, it’s a little different because it has a sheer section which I love! It’s a great skirt because it clearly works dressed up or down.

My white pumps and new shoulder bag are also from primark.



I’ve been meaning to post a photo in a pencil skirt for a while because pencil skirts were and still are a big deal for me. One of the few body hang ups I have is my stomach. But not in the way you may think. It’s more my lack of hips than my stomach that bothers me. I have a very boyish body shape which means that beautiful womanly figure, all that arse and hips that fills a pencil skirt is absent on me, but I still coveted them. But why should I wait around for a perfect body and feel sad that I can never wear these things? If I want to wear it I will! I’m not brave enough to wear a pencil skirt without shape wear yet but maybe one day I will be. I sometimes still feel self conscious in them but I just think to myself ‘why do I care?’ Once you really get to the root of what’s bothering you, you can solve it.

This outfit was braver still because I normally offset the tightness off the skirt with a oversized top just because I love the look. But this time it was all tight and to be honest, I felt great! All my figure was on show and I loved it! My stomach still stuck out, I don’t have a perfect silhouette but who does?! And is it really worth worrying about? Naaaah!

Oh and look what I found! Coincidence or what?! It’s like it was waiting for me!


Love your body guys! (Love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections!) – sorry couldn’t help it! Ha

The sunnies are also from Primark. (I’m sensing a pattern are you!) ha

Be brave, stay beautiful!