Let’s talk about my dress.

It is no secret that I love a bargain. LOVE IT! And it’s also no secret I love spending money :/ so the more I get for my money, the better! I suffer from something called Tightfisted-Yorkshireness. I love a bit of Primark anyway, as well all well know, but this is just unbelievable. I was so suited when I found this dress, I’d been lusting after a bright digital print a while but assumed they were all out of my price range. Then this bad boy reveals itself to me20140803-220215-79335435.jpg




It’s a great length, just about long enough to have some comfort shorts underneath, can’t be coping with chub rub! Oh no! It was great for the hot Germanic weather. I went über bright and teamed it with orange lipstick and turquoise necklace.

Good news! It’s current season and still available and I’ve seen it in loads of sizes! Mine is a 20 & it’s true to size I find. Bear in mind I’m a small 20 and have small boobs, no hips and no bum!

Oh and I almost forgot the best bit! This bad boy was a fiver.


Ohhhh yeah. Happy with that!

Be brave, stay beautiful! ✌️🌻