Being braver

I thought I’d go back to a body confidence post today, it feels like a while since I’ve done one. So this outfit was a huge deal to me, it was the first time I’ve worn a crop top as a crop top, without pulling my skirt up under my bust, which I normally do to avoid having skin/fat rolls out and exposed to the world.

On this particular occasion, as I was getting dressed I decided to see what it looked like with the skirt pulled further down (to my true waist) and shock horror of all horrors, it looked better. Seems so obvious but I was genuinely surprised at how good it looked.


(Nb Necklace current season Primark)

Now I realise i am only exposing a tiny bit of flesh, but that tiny bit of flesh is one step further. Seeing that tiny bit of flesh felt the same as when I first went out in a bodycon dress. I felt absolutely fearless. I wore my fat and I wore it proud. Yeh I’m fat, fuck you gunna do about it?! Come at me. I knew I looked good, but the kind of good where other women would nod with respect. It was a tiny slice of flesh for all women who have ever felt exposed and judged and scrutinised for their body. One tiny bit of flesh that said ‘fuck you’. It’s amazing how pulling my skirt one inch lower made me feel. Do it. I dare you!!

Be brave, stay beautiful!

Mary xxx