Brow brow baby

So, we all know I love my brows, they are my pride and joy, I’m not exaggerating when I say I feel naked without them.

I get a lot of comments on my brows and just recently a lot of people have been asking how I actually do them.

Now, I’m no make up artist, nor do I claim to be, I just thought I’d write this blog post as a guide for the people that wanted it 🙂

You can probably find similar guides, pictures and vlogs to the same effect but mine were simply trial and error, and a lot of practice.

The first thing I’d say is get them neat and tidy. Everyone’s brows are a unique shape, you just need to make the most of them. This is probably better done by a professional.

There are lots of treatments available ranging from plucking to waxing to HD brows. I personally prefer mine threaded. Threading is a traditional Indian form of hair removal using a loop of cotton thread. It’s become really trendy lately, you can go to your local Debenhams and larger Superdrug stores to have the treatment. Prices vary between £5-£10 . I much prefer the shape I get with threading, it’s also relatively quick (as more than one hair is removed at once) but it is most definitely not painless! I find it painful, but others don’t. As well as tidying and shaping your brows they will also thread any stray baby hairs around the brow area, brush and trim the brow and use an aloe Vera treatment to soothe the skin afterwards. You will most likely be asked to stretch your skin around the brow to minimise pain and get the best result.

Now you’ve got your brows in shape you just need good products.

By much testing of approximately a million eyebrow pencils I have settled on a favourite (please bare in mind I am POOR) my favourite is Barry M kohl pencil No2. It’s a very dark brown eyeliner. I like it because it doesn’t budge, but is still easy to apply. It’s also a very good match to my natural brow colour. I would recommend, if you can’t find an exact match to your colour, go a little darker, or you’ll just see your brow hairs through it and it’ll look ridiculous.


So firstly I take a very sharp pencil and draw a line on the bottom of my brow, starting in the middle, to the end on my brow and taking it to the very last inside hair. This is because I like long brows (Using this technique they end up longer than my actual brows, if you don’t want this effect, stop 5mm before the last hair)


I then do the same on the top of the brow, always following the natural brow line, stop the line 5mm before the bottom line.


I then fill in the brows lightly starting in the middle using soft, long strokes towards the outside of the brow. I use MUA Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette (the darkest brown in the palette) and a body shop lip brush. Noticed I’m not doing any of this by the book?!


Then, using a dry brush pull the product the other way (towards to inside of the brow) using short, gentle strokes- this creates the more natural, fading effect of my brows.



Repeat on brow two and you’re done! You get more even brows if you do each step one after the other taking each brow in turn. But remember, eyebrows should be sisters, not twins! If they match too well you’ll look ridiculous.

I hope you find this helpful!

Much love

Mary xx