Get it all out

One of my very last issues with my body is a bit of a weird one. It’s a life long one. It has been a source of ridicule my entire life. My choice of hairstyle for the past 11years has been shaped by it.

I am of course talking about my massive forehead. It’s huge. So for the past 11 years I’ve had a fringe, when I had long hair I ALWAYS wore it down. Even to exercise. But I’ve had it short for the last few years anyway.

I would never ever get my forehead out in public. But I have recently discovered that I can tie my hair back with a bobble! I have rediscovered the joy of tying it back after a long day. I was in this state when my bff came round one night, as soon as I opened the door she exclaimed ‘ou I like your hair!’ I laughed, obviously, and said ‘give over’! But she insisted she was being sincere, this made me think I little differently about it. Especially as similar comments followed from my beloved dad and sister; insisting i could pull it off because I have a ‘beautiful shapely face’. What cemented the idea was my lovely boyfriend’s reaction, I wasn’t looking for one, I just wanted to be comfortable, I had never actually seen anyone’s jaw drop before. But I did then, and he was relatively speechless when I walked into the room, saying only ‘wow’ and a few other lovely things cos he’s lovely and such.

This then gave me the confidence to brave the outdoors! Public! With fivehead out! I did it. I went all the way to asda (5 minute walk ha). I felt entirely self conscious the whole time and felt like everyone was staring at my glowing moon head! But with my mind filled with beautiful comments from my lovely family and friends, I felt fearless. I would NEVER have done that 6months/1year/5years ago. I was genuinely really proud of myself. Which sounds ridiculous because it’s only my head, but to me, it’s huge (pun intended).

I urge you all to be brave enough to show the world yourself in all your ‘hideous’ glory!!

So here it is folks, my front massif. 👍IMG_1278.JPGIMG_1199.JPG


Be brave, stay beautiful! ✌️🌻

Mary xx