Primark A/W starters.

First of all, we all know I LOVE Primark. My fortnightly payday ritual is manicure, head shaved, primark, favourite coffee shop. In the order. I’ve bought some really gorgeous items recently so I thought I’d share some with you.

I know not all my fave fatty lovelies find Primark accessible because they stop at size 20, but, I urge you, form an alliance if needs be, and give it a shot! One of my fave bloggers the lovely Lucia still shops at Primark and she’s a size 30. Head over to her blog and she’ll show you how!





God knows what I’m doing in half those photos but oh well! Ha

How gorgeous is this scarf? Houndstooth/dogtooth is literally the only monochrome I can stand. I loathe monochrome for some reason, but dogstooth is an old fave of mine. This scarf is perfect for me; with scarves I’m a bit like, go big, or go home! Think Gok Wan circa 2008. This one is so lush (yes I said lush) and soft and snuggly! It’ll keep you warm right through winter. It’s really wide as well so will double as a shawl/pashmina type doodah. And I think you’ll agree that at all of 6 pounds(!) it’s an absolute steal.

The jumper I have lusted after a while. I first saw it in store with the first rounds of a/w stuff around a month ago, and planned to buy it. But then when I went in a fortnight ago stocks had dwindled, none in my size, a fear spread through me, no L’s. Gutted. 2 weeks later I trundled into Primark, all but a shred of hope gone, maybe they’ll have something similar I consoled myself. And there, low and behold, hung racks and racks of these bad boys. I couldn’t get it in my bag fast enough!

The fit of this is absolutely gorgeous. It’s so generous (slouch fit, long in the body and long sleeves). The material feels really good quality, it isn’t gunna bobble any time soon. All for a tenner. Get in.

On to the shoes! When I bought these I had promised myself I wouldn’t buy anything in Primark (ha!) but I knew if I put down the beautiful £15 wide fit size 9 boots (practically gold dust) I would never see them again. In the basket they went. These were a brave choice for me as I never wear heels; but having recently stepped (wobbled) outside my comfort zone with my brand new shiny gigantic (6’6”) boyfriend, I now feel much more comfortable in heels. And cos the actual heel on these are nice and chunky, I feel sturdy and steady. They’re a great buy for any of my fellow 9s ladies (we’re a rare breed) they’re a proper 9. As are all Primark’s I find. When you can find them!!

Last but not least, this necklace, which I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged before so I’m not gunna harp on about it. Cos I’ve gone on for long enough I reckon.


Here’s a summary: GO TO PRIMARK.

Be brave, stay beautiful! ✌️🌻

Mary xx