Christmas Eve

I’ve wanted to wear this dress a long long time but whenever I’ve tried it I’ve not been feeling it. I ended up saving it for Christmas Eve, which seemed appropriate with the colour.

I always go down my local on Christmas Eve with my best mate, it’s our Christmas tradition, I never stay long but I can’t imagine not doing that with him.

I decided to up the festive ante further by teaming the dress with my silver Primark pumps, that also gave a nice casual contrast to the outfit and brought it down a few notches. I used my vintage lion clasp bag which I’ve been wearing loads lately. I wish I’d worn a big gold necklace with this too, had I not been in such a rush!

My beautiful green velvet cold shoulder dress is from Boohoo plus and cost £15 if I remember correctly. Which I think is a bargain! Although sized up twice and I’m so glad I did, I wanted a baggy swing dress feel so I got a 22. I often find their range runs quite small and very short! I love the dress though and will continue to buy from a fantastically competitively priced brand!