So this is the outfit I wore on Christmas Day. I like the idea of wearing all the lovely things (Sunday best etc) but I’m not willing to sit around in spanky pants, not happening! So I went for a kind of inbetween dealie.


I’d recently been on the hunt for a long camel coat. I never used to be into coats but I have finally realised their style potential and I can’t get enough of them now, especially a great all rounder you can throw on all the time. I blame Bethany at entirely!

I wanted a long, casual type coat. I like coats that are quite simple in structure and style, not too much fuss! I like a good collar but I draw the line at zips and toggles and many many buttons and buckles and tassles(, oh my!)

I originally wanted a beauts asos one but alas I do not have £90 to spend on a coat. I was then directed to this joyous thing, wasn’t quite as long as I wanted but for £25 I thought sod it, I’ll give it a whack. And I love it! It’s also so so so soft! You can still catch it in the New Look Inspire sale the colour is ‘stone’ and they also have a black one. I’m a size 20 and decided to size up so I would be able wear with jumpers but it was a little more snug than I’d like ideally, so bear that in mind.

The Jumper is also a new fave, purchased in the Asda George sale for £8! It’s super soft, oversized and lusciously snug. I thought I’d give this look a casual ‘IDGAF’ edge with these New Look pumps that I also got in the sale for a whopping…wait for it…wait…no really it’s that great it’s totally worth it…£1!! Ha so I bought three pairs, obv. They’re super comfy because of the thick sole and are perfect for the walk to work.

My beautiful necklace is also a New Look sale gem, £3 i’m totally loving iridescent shit lately.

Overall I had a wonderful crimbo and thanks to this outfit, I felt a wonderful mix of snuggly, comfy, dressed up and cool AF.

Hope you all had a great festive season too, whatever you did!

Here’s my face.




Be brave, stay beautiful

Mary ✌️🌻