A photo you used to be self conscious about but now embrace This one was a hard one cause I don’t have many old photos available and I’ve been confident so long that… Continue reading


So here we go! Day two of body confidence week! A photo you love of yourself I love this brief and everything it forces you to do, looking through your favourite photos of… Continue reading


So here is the first challenge! a photo of you as you are I think this is a really interesting one. Because it’s very hard to take a photo ‘as you are’ without… Continue reading


So here we are again, 6 months on from body confidence week. How interesting it will be to see how people have changed in 6 months! Because confidence does falter, day to day,… Continue reading

apologies for the absence.

I cannot believe how long i have been away from this blog. Luckily my passion for the subject never faltered in any way, i just got caught up in the humdrum of day… Continue reading

Galentines Day

So this year was my second ever valentines day as a single lady. And what better way to spend it than with my fellow single best bud, Gormz. I invited her to Bradford… Continue reading

It still amazes me.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned on one social media network or another how much I love swimming. Swimming is something I taught myself to do. Having been to countless swimming lessons with professionals and… Continue reading

I actually love you.

So I’ve been meaning to share this with you guys for a while. Despite Body Confidence Week only happening 2 weeks ago, this last week I have felt less confident than I have… Continue reading

Body confidence week – day 5

So the challenge for day 5 is post a picture of yourself in ‘casual wear’ I really didn’t know what this meant. I suppose it means whatever you interpret it to mean. When… Continue reading

Body Confidence Week – Day 4.

Day four- take a selfie in public. Here we are. I took it in my place of work, a subway sandwich shop, in the dining area. This challenge wasn’t particularly hard for me… Continue reading