Body Confidence Week – Day 3

It’s day three of body confidence week and the challenge today is to post a photo of your least favourite body part. Now I really can’t do this. Because my least favourite body… Continue reading

Body confidence week- day two

Day two of body confidence week is ‘your favourite picture of yourself’. Now, I’m mega vain. So this was hard! The amount of selfies I have, from different times, with different hairstyles. Because… Continue reading

Body Confidence Week – Day 1

So on New Year’s Day 2014 a wonderful old friend of mine contacted me with details of a quest. A quest of confidence. And she needed my help. In all honesty, I have… Continue reading


Here’s the outfit I wore for a day in York the other day. It was cold but I didn’t wanna over layer, I hate feeling constricted and then having to carry a frigging… Continue reading


On Sunday I had a fabulous day after work, catching up with my bestie, drinking starbs & beautiful cocktails & eating yummy sushi. I wore my new jumper from Evans that I got… Continue reading

Plus North

So I guess it’s about time I blogged about the best event all year, Plus North. For all the time, effort, planning and stress the organisers went through, I sincerely hope they think… Continue reading

Cleethorpes 2013

This is weird post for me as when I first started this blog around a year ago, one of my first outfit posts was outside a caravan in Cleethorpes, somewhere I’d not been… Continue reading


Day 10 – Most Embarassing Moments To be quite honest, I don’t get embarrassed, I don’t care what people think. I genuinely can’t think of any embarassing moments in my life, sorry. I’ve… Continue reading

Starbucks Moment

Day 9 – a moment in my day. So I wanted to show you an actual moment in my day, not a picture of my outfit or my face/nails etc as that isn’t… Continue reading

Life is too short for self loathing.

Day 8 – A piece of advice I have for others. I have so much advice to give. I am everyone’s agony aunt. But I guess a golden one that is still quoted… Continue reading