Are you Afraid of the Dark

Day7 – The thing I fear most. Yesterday was the first day I’d missed a post. But I was so busy, the only chance I had to write was around 9.30pm, at my… Continue reading

I’m an Artist

Day 6 – If you couldn’t answer the question ‘what do you do?’ With your job, what would you say? Not that I would ever answer that question with my crap job anyway,… Continue reading

My GBF ❤

Day 5 – Profess your love for one of your blogger friends. This one was soooo hard as I have met so many wonderful, inspiring people through blogging and have so many friends… Continue reading

It’s Not The Hand You’re Dealt, It’s the Way You Play the Cards

Welcome to day four of the 30 Day Blogger Challenge featuring 15 girls attempting to do a blog post every day following set themes. Day 4- A quote you love and why. It… Continue reading

So What Did You Plan To Do With Your Degree?

Welcome to day day 3 of the 30 day Blogger Challenge – Things that make me uncomfortable. Now this day flummoxed me a little as I rarely feel uncomfortable or embarrassed because I… Continue reading

Something you may not know…

Day two- Educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at. So this one flummoxed me a bit, as I am one of those people that knows a lot… Continue reading

So far…

This is the first day of the 30 day Blogger Challenge, the challenge is to do one post every day, following the theme given. Day one is ‘The Story or my Life’ ‘The… Continue reading

Gorgeous Gormz’ Birthday

This is the outfit I wore for Gormz birthday in York. I wanted something, special, but not overdone, something simple and chic that I wouldn’t have layer under any cardigans or jackets if… Continue reading

Crop Tops & Maxi Skirts

As promised, my crop top & maxi skirt post, I love this outfit style, which I’ve seen on sooo many gorgeous girls. I have two cropped tops now! Woop! I have this baggy… Continue reading


So this is an outfit I wore in Barcelona and I just utilised the wonderful lighting and gorgeous clean backdrops of the MACBA gallery to take these outfit photos. This is a bit… Continue reading