My beautiful new boots!

These are my beautiful new boots. I love them for several reasons. But you know when you just find a piece that’s perfect all round? It’s gorgeous, it’s good quality, it’s comfy, it’s… Continue reading

Because I promised a jewellery post

I love my jewellery, admittedly not as much as I used to. But I still feel as if my jewellery is my signature. Everyday I wear an utter shittonne of rings. Chunky silver… Continue reading

Long time no blog

It’s a massive pain in the arse that I work in a uniform, it feels like I never get to wear all my beautiful clothes. Which means I never get chance to blog,… Continue reading

Last night’s headshot

You’re so vain

I’m the first to admit, I’m so vain. But news flash, couldn’t give a shite! I believe the sin of vanity is so outdated! Yeh I do love myself, why the hell not?… Continue reading


I’m not normally bothered about shoes. Mainly because I have size 9 feet so it can be hard to find nice, cheap/affordable shoes. I normally just find whatever I can in the sales… Continue reading

Beautiful new dress

I am absolutely in love with this new dress, which I have just finished prancing around my room in! I’m pretty skint atm so shouldn’t really be buying things but it was too… Continue reading

Holiday night out outfit

This is one of the outfits I wore on the night on holiday, complete with caravan in the background! I love this sheer black shirt, I’ll post a better picture of it sometime,… Continue reading

Going on a jolly English holiday!

This, believe it or not, is my holiday outfit! I’m going caravanning for a few days in cleethorpes. It’s a small English seaside town, and it will probably rain! I have my beauts… Continue reading

My new fave earrings

These earrings were a right bargain, pound! Miss selfridge 🙂 wore them to death in morocco this year.